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Actress, Storyteller, and Educator

“Know that you can”  –  Adelle Gautier


This theater veteran’s career began at Dillard University with the Dillard Players Guild and moved to the city’s legendary theater companies, Free Southern Theater and Dashiki Project Theater. It was at Dashiki that she honed her acting skills and became one of what former Times-Picayune theater critic David Cuthbert dubbed the Dashiki Divas.


Eugene Lee and Adella Gautier in Dashiki Project Theatre’s production of Dennis McIntyre’s SPLIT SECOND. New Orleans, LA (Oct. 1984)

Adelle Gautier was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Adella Gautier, is an actor, storyteller, arts educator and arts administrator with over 40 years experience in the realm of creative and performing arts. From the Aegean Institute in Greece to Zuni Pueblo, NM she has toured extensively regionally, nationally and internationally sharing her energy-charged performance style with audiences of all ages.

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“I lead such a charmed life. Sometimes I feel like my life is a Forrest Gump movie.”

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