Antone Pagán

Rick Reid, Vanessa L. Gibson, Elsia Vasquez, Keith L. T. Wright and Antone Pagan at PA’LANTE Harlem’s Tenant Empowerment Meets the Arts.

~Pa’Lante Harlem~
Pa’Lante Harlem is a grassroots tenant advocacy organization in northern Manhattan Mission Assist low to middle income residents living in Northern Manhattan and the Bronx protect their tenancy rights.
Company Overview –

For the past four years, PA’LANTE Harlem has successfully: provided tenant-landlord mediation services, technical assistance and training for new tenant associations; prevented illegal evictions; represented individual tenants and tenant associations in housing court; connected low-income tenants to free or reduced rate legal services and to government and non-government housing benefits; and empowered residents to address housing code violations. PALANTE administers its programs to date with an entirely volunteer staff.

Event Honoress Scott Metzner and Antone Pagan with Curtis Archer and PA’LANTE’s Founder, Elsia Vasquez at PA’LANTE Harlem’s Tenant Empowerment Meets the Arts.