Carla Earle

( Carla teaching dance in New York City – Queens at Edge Performing Arts Studio )

They were doing a national tour of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, starring, Sam Harris and the producers were looking to replace the role of  “Mrs. Potipher.” I was immediately referred and by the time I returned to the states, a phone call was made and I was on my way back out on the road. Travelling with three was difficult, and the boys were in school, so I took  baby R.J. on the road and flew the kids in and out on breaks. R.J. spent the first six months on the road and after the tour ended, I returned to Los Angeles to reunite with the boys.”

 “After a very difficult divorce from my husband.  It was very painful dealing with the stressors of life with an ex, two children by him and a child with the current relationship. I didn’t have tools for all of that. I just knew how to dance, sing, act, make money, and be a mommy. So after a brief period of drowning my problems with alcohol and anything thing else that altered my mind so I didn’t feel the pain I endured, I put on my big girl panties and faced my pain, fears and disappointments by reaching out for help. I changed my behavior, thinking and not only put God first, but kept him first! I stopped drinking, and changed all my obsessive behaviors. I did that while doing the 1st National company of Ragtime and was once again pregnant with my final child. 

Scared, and alone, I turned to God, and was reassured I was in his care. I gave birth to a daughter on February 24, 1999 in Los Angeles. I named her after the one person who always loved me unconditionally, my father.”

Cydnei and Carla

Her name is Cydnei Earle and although she has the same father as my third son, I gave her my sir name because, I was clear that I was her mom and dad.

Carla and her children

Since then, Carla has returned to college, became a licensed Addiction Specialist and worked with adults and youths while working as one of the few Black  Hollywood Stuntwomen. The greatest, new production in her life is her grandson, Marcus.

Carla  has been a casting director, as well as a Hollywood agent fighting for dancers/singers to have SAG status. she is now CEO of her own company, Twirl Entertainment.  She manages and provides artist development for up and coming singers.

She counsels in the field of addiction and am currently returning to college to receive my B.A. in Liberal arts and Psychology. “Its my way of giving back to all the wonderful legends who taught her integrity, dedication, and hard work.”


I will always be a dancer and singer,

                                                      as it gives me inner peace.

*~Carla Earle~*
Dale Ricardo Shields



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