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Jonelle Allen

Jonelle___      Allen   “What sums me up is Eclectic and Versatile!”                     “What I tell young actors is LEARN your Craft.” “When I was seven years old, the Hallmark Hall of Fame, produced Green Pastures (directed by George Schaeffer) with William Warfield as De Lawd …

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Juanita Moore: An Icon by Sydney Hinkle

               * ~  JUANITA                          MOORE : An Icon ~*   By Sydney Huinkle Edited by Dale Shields “The creative arts put a person on another level. That’s why we need to bring our youngsters into the theater.” —  Juanita …

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Venida Evans

________________________VENIDA EVANS By Dale Ricardo Shields   “Baby, it’s a roller coaster ride… but I’m having a lot of fun…!” Venida Evans (born September 2, 1947) is an American television, film, stage and commercial actress. Evans is perhaps best known to audiences for her role as “The Muse” in a series of IKEAtelevision commercials in the …

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Media Depictions of the Mammy Archetype‏ by Sean Smith

Media Depictions of the Mammy Archetype By Sean Smith Edited information, additional photo and film/television research by Dale Shields‏ The Mammy archetype is one of the most notable Black stereotypes and caricatures which exist in (Black) American culture.   The Mammy, generally characterized as masculine, overweight, sexually unattractive, large-breasted, non-threatening, and protective of their white families, …

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