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Iforcolor takes a look back into history.

The Shields Brothers Gospel Singers

THE SHIELDS BROTHERS by Dale Ricardo Shields “There is a silence into which the world can not intrude. There is an ancient peace you carry in your heart and have not lost. There is a sense of holiness in you the thought of sin has never touched. All this today you will remember.” (For my …

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Facts & Trivia

    FACTS & TRIVIA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~************************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    Fact #1 Comedian Bill Cosby’s 1984 sitcom, The Cosby Show, became the highest ranking sitcom for 5 years in a row. The program aired for eight years. Fact #2 In 2006 Whitney Houston, a celebrated singer, songwriter and actress, was named the most awarded female artist of all …

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Watts Riot of Los Angeles, 1965 by Irivin Ward

    Watts Riot of Los Angeles (1965) By Irivin Ward Prior to the Watts Riot, in Los Angeles and other parts of the country, Black men were viewed as threatening figures and people who committed crimes. Although segregation was over it was a “open secret” that police officers were to keep people (Blacks) in …

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The Little Rock Nine

           The Little Rock Nine                Written By:                 Molly Hatcher   The Little Rock Nine were a group of nine African American students that volunteered to desegregate the Little Rock county school system by attending the all-white Little Rock Central High School.   The nine students were; Thelma Mothershed, Elizabeth Eckford, Melba Pattillo, Jefferson Thomas, Ernest …

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