Dale Ricardo Shields

As a Professor of Acting, Directing, African American Theatre History, Black Studies and Stage Management, he has held faculty and guest artist appointments at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, The College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio, Denison University in Grandville. Ohio, Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia.

Prof. Dale Shields and Dr. Woodie King at The College of Wooster as Woodie receives his Honorary Phd. Dr. R Stanton Hales (President), Dr, Richard Figgie (Honary Degree Chairman). Wosster, Ohio

Prof. Dale Shields and Dr. Woodie King at The College of Wooster as Woodie receives his Honorary Phd. Dr. R Stanton Hales (President), Dr, Richard Figgie (Honary Degree Chairman). Wosster, Ohio

 Fires in the Mirror  (Denison University


Fires in the Mirrior – DENISON UNIVERSITY



I, Too, Sing America! Spectrum Series theme “Migrations”

“Have you ever watched a bird gathering twigs to build a nest in the spring? Or a squirrel hoarding acorns as October’s brilliant colors fade into the gray chill of the approaching winter? Either experience is a lot like seeing Denison’s Visiting Vail Artist Professor Dale Shields assemble nearly two dozen curious students to create an original play and a family of friends over just four short weeks. The students listened to one another, found things to laugh about and   very quickly became a community of fast friends who were able to share   many private feelings with one another. Shields titled the production “I, Too, Sing America!” from a piece written by American poet Langston Hughes. As the student cast members told their own stories of who they were, they passed along their joy in having become part of a new family and community along with their hope that the whole campus will continue the tradition. The whole process only took a month, but it was clear their migration had taken them to a new level.”

As the Visiting Assistant Professor/Vail Guest artist, Professor Shields conducted theatre workshops and directed both Fires in the Mirror  and I, Too, sing America! at Denison University. I, too, sing America, was a workshop performance written and performed by Denison students.  Students from a wide range of identities and backgrounds explored questions and experiences of cultural migrations.  The performances was co-sponsored by the Diversity Advisory Committee in the Office of the Provost, the Spectrum Series 2011-2012: Migrations Theme, the Department of Theater, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, the Laura C. Harris Symposium and the Women’s Studies Program, the Center for Black Studies, The Queer Studies Concentration, the Women’s Resource Center, International Student Services, and the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life.

He was also the Payne Artist Professor of the Arts at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia, where he conducted workshops in diversity, leadership-multi-cultural education, Black Theatre History and Black Studies.

SHOUT IT OUT - Silent Voices

SHOUT IT OUT – Silent Voices

He has taught acting and stage management courses at an adjunct faculty member at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He taught for the Youngstown Early Prevention Program for five years on the campus of the College of Wooster.  For legendary producer Jospeh Papp, He conducted workshops at the Public Theatre (New York Shakespeare Festival) with the Playwriting in the Schools Program (PITTS) for six seasons. During his six year teaching tenure at the Public Theatre he represented the United States of America at the ASSITIJ Theatre Festival in London, England in 1988 with Playwright and mentor, Arthur T. Wilson. As a University Professor, he has received two Outstanding Professor Awards and three Educational Program of the Year awards.


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