Emmett Louis Till by Thinh H. Truong

“Between 1877 and 1950, more than 4,000 African-Americans were lynched in Southern states – that is, whipped, castrated, tortured, burned alive or strung from the trees by White mobs.”

Back to the morning of August 31st, after finding the body, Hodges ran back to tell his father. When the police showed up at the found body scene, they confirmed that the victim was beaten brutally. One of Emmett Till’s eyes fell off, and the right side of his head was unrecognizably injured. His tongue was edematous and a few teeth were gone. The body was in a decomposing state. Around the victim’s neck, there was a heavy fan wrapped around by wire. In the left ear, there was a bullet hole. The consequence of being soaked in water for almost 72 hours made the body deformed. The only object the police could use to find the victim’s identity was the ring on his left hand “L.T”. Moses Wrights, who was Till’s uncle, reported about the disappearance of his 14-year old niece from Chicago three days ago. Moses explained the words L.T on the ring was an abbreviation of Emmett Till’s father who passed away.


Emmett Louis Till was born on July 25th 1941 in Chicago, Illinois. He was the only son of Mamie Till, a secretary working for the Airforce. Emmett Till lived in a “colored” middle-class neighborhood.

Emment and Mamie Till

Emment and Mamie Till

Everyone who knew Till described him as a responsible and funny person.


In August 19th 1955, one day before Till went to visit his uncle Wright in Mississippi, his mom gave him the ring of Till’s father (Louis Till), which later became the key to identify the dead body. Recalling of Louis Till, he was executed by the U.S Army in 1945 after being found guilty of murder and rape. Mamie Till did not know this incident until 10 years after the death of Emmett Till when people put up more research on Till’s family. On the next day, Mrs. Till said good bye to her son without knowing that was the last time she saw the boy alive.[2]

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