Then off to college as a freshman Political Science major until he got involved with classes in his chosen minor, Theatre and he ended up graduating with a double major in Political Science and Theatre with a Teaching Certificate (“To fall back on.”)  While in college, highlights included approaching the chairman of the Theatre Department along with his college roommate, Thomas Carter to do something about the limited opportunities for Theatre majors of color to do roles in department productions.  (Even though there were only a handful of Black majors in the department at the time.)  The result was the creation of the Ebony Players and a department production of Lorraine Hansbury’s A Raisin in the Sun.


“A Raisin in The Sun” performed by Southwest Texas State University Ebony Players for President Lyndon Johnson on his ranch early 70’s.


After its run on campus, the cast was invited to perform the play in a command performance for former President (and Southwest Texas State University alumnus) Lyndon Baines Johnson at his ranch in Johnson City, Texas.


Eugene Lee and President Lyndon B. Johnson

Following the performance, President Johnson wrote a check for ten thousand dollars to the group and the following year (Eugene and Thomas’ senior year) the Ebony Players mounted a production of Lonne Elder’s Ceremonies in Dark Old Men.  The two also got other opportunities to create roles in department productions including Shakespeare and others.

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