Louis Johnson

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Louis Johnson and Maurice Hines

Maurice Hines and Louis Johnson

Debbie Allen, George Faison and  Louis Johnson


Louis Johnson, Steve Carter and Edmund Cambridge.
Photo courtesy of Clinton Turner Davis.

Lee Summers, Franz Jones, Leslie Dockery, Bruce Hawkins, Louis Johnson, Jeffery V. Thompson, Maurice Hines Jr and Natalie Carter-Prince.

Lee Summers, Franz Jones, Leslie Dockery, Bruce Hawkins, Louis Johnson, Jeffery V. Thompson, Maurice Hines Jr, and Natalie Carter-Prince.

Adrian Bailey, Bruce Heath, Martial Roumain, Dyane Harvey-Salaam, Bruce Hawkins, Ted D Williams, Brian Anthony Johnson, and George Faison at Faison Firehouse Theater.

Allison Williams Foster, Fred Benjamin. Ted D Williams, Louis Johnson and Brenda Braxton

Dyane Harvey, Mabel Robinson and Louis Johnson

Dr. Glory Van Scott, Denise Du Maine, Nikki Williams, Rhonda McLean-nur, David Robertson and Melony McGant with Louis Johnson

Carol Maillard,  Louise Robinson, Abdel Salaam, Dyane Harvey-Salaam, and David Robertson at Symphony Space.,

Abdel Salaam and Louis Johnson

The Dance Theatre of Harlem’s 50th Anniversary opening night celebration. Honoring the Legacy of Arthur Mitchell (2019) – George Faison, Melony McGant, Dr. Glory Van Scott, and Louis Johnson


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Productions Dates of Productions
Play On! [Original, Musical] Mar 20, 1997 – May 11, 1997
  • Creative Consultant: Louis Johnson
Treemonisha [Original, Musical, Opera] Oct 21, 1975 – Dec 14, 1975
  • Choreographed by Louis Johnson
  • Also Starring: The Louis Johnson Dance Theatre [Treemonisha Dancer]
Purlie [Revival, Musical, Comedy] Dec 27, 1972 – Jan 7, 1973
  • Choreographed by Louis Johnson
Lost in the Stars [Revival, Musical, Tragedy] Apr 18, 1972 – May 21, 1972
  • Choreographed by Louis Johnson
Les Blancs [Original, Play] Nov 15, 1970 – Dec 19, 1970
  • Ritual: Louis Johnson
Purlie [Original, Musical, Comedy] Mar 15, 1970 – Nov 6, 1971
  • Choreographed by Louis Johnson
Hallelujah, Baby! [Original, Musical] Apr 26, 1967 – Jan 13, 1968
  • Performer: Louis Johnson
    • Ensemble – Replacement
  • Understudy: Louis Johnson
    • Tip – Replacement
    • Tap – Replacement
Kwamina [Original, Musical] Oct 23, 1961 – Nov 18, 1961
  • Performer: Louis Johnson [Dancer]
House of Flowers [Original, Musical] Dec 30, 1954 – May 21, 1955
  • Performer: Louis Johnson [Townsperson]
My Darlin’ Aida [Original, Musical] Oct 27, 1952 – Jan 10, 1953
  • Performer: Louis Johnson [Dancer]
Four Saints in Three Acts [Revival, Musical, Opera] Apr 16, 1952 – Apr 27, 1952
  • Performer: Louis Johnson [Dancer]
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 Photo Credit: Tom Scott
  • All rights reserved © Dale Shields


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