Marc Copage

I was cast in the West Coast premiere of the Broadway hit “Runaways”. The show was an original musical written and composed by Elizabeth Swados. The production received great reviews! Another one of the very talented casts I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working with over the years. It’s nice to be able to say that most of them have continued to earn a living in the entertainment industry in some form or another. Not only as performers, but writers, producers, choreographers, and directors!

West Coast Premiere "Runaways" Cast Photo

West Coast Premiere “Runaways” Cast Photo

Above photo pictured left to right: Amy Kirkpatrick Rosen, Jonathan Prince, Phineas Newborn, Marc Copage, Greg Kopel, Jann Goldsby, Shawn Schepps, Darren Roy, Lee Lucus, Karen Fineman, Lily Mariye, Veronique Jeanmarie, Linda Robbins, Lowell Blaustein, John Allee, Lisa Figueroa, Ron Duran, Steve Alterman.

“Runaways” West Coast Premiere. Los Angeles, CA. — with Lee Lucas, Karen Fineman Roberts, Phineas Newborn III, John Allee, Lily Mariye, Shawn Schepps, Jonathan Prince, Steve Alterman, Ron Duran, Amy Kirkpatrick Rosen, LInda Roberts, Jann Goldsby, Marc Copage and Rain Pryor Vane.

Rain Pryor was also in the show. I can’t remember why she was not included in the above cast photo. Perhaps she was sick or something. Rain was wonderful to work with! It was quite a thrill for the entire cast when her father, comedian Richard Pryor, came by to see the show one evening and warmly greeted everyone after the show. He seemed to be quite proud of her. I have no idea about the complexities of their relationship, but on that evening all was good. Rain has gone on to carve out a a successful career for herself in the entertainment business as well!


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