Niles Fitch



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Fast rising tween, Niles Fitch, is a 14 year old Atlanta native who is following his passion for connecting with others through stage, print, commercials, television, film, and voice overs.  He loves to model, sing, dance, act, and make you laugh!

~*Iforcolor (interview)*~ 


Shields: Miles,  how did you get started in Show business?

Niles: Strangers always asked my mom if I was a model and told my parents I should model, so my parents got me started in modeling at 3 and saw that I liked it.

Shields: Do you have a role model from the world of show business? Who is your role model?

Niles: I like Will Smith because he does everything.

Shields: You have started a remarkable career, already. What do you want to do as an adult?

Niles: I want to act, model, draw, and do voice overs.
Shields: A theatrical career has so many lessons, what is the most important lesson you have learned back stage?

Niles: Never play around, it is a job.

Shields:  You are a great young man!  Continued success in all you do.  Great meeting you!



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