Some of his screen credits include featured and recurring roles on NBC’s Homicide: Life in the Streets, In the Heat of the Night and the critically acclaimed I’ll Fly Away.


In film, Stan appeared in Robby Benson’s Modern Love, Doug Liman’s directorial debut, Getting In, and the gay cult hit, Almost Normal.

It's Your Life from Open Heart — with Karla DeVito and Robby Benson.

It’s Your Life from Open Heart — with Karla DeVito and Robby Benson.

Stan and Graham Russell of Air Supply.

Stan and Graham Russell of Air Supply.

“Advice to young artist
Love yourself or at least admit that you don’t until you can figure out how to…and you better learn how to.
*If you know where you’re going then you’ve already been there.
*Your destination doesn’t exist until you arrive
Take your big risks early in your career (It sets a tone for later)
*There’s a lot to be said for not knowing where your next meal might come from.  It certainly helps you to work up an appetite.
*Now is all there EVER is.
*Only compete with yourself
*Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words. Pay attention to whenever words and actions don’t match.
* Listen to your heart.  It won’t always tell you what you want to hear but it will NEVER lie to you.”




UNL Voice Acting Coach Stan Brown from Daily Nebraskan on Vimeo.


The State of Black Theatre It’s in need of long withheld nourishment, and encouragement.”


Stan joined the Guest Artist faculty at the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal.  He is working on a voice book that will include submissions from noted voice professionals Cicely Berry, Arthur Lessac, Andrew Wade, Louis Colliani, and Richard Armstrong.  He also served as the voice consultant for the Food Network show Dave Does and as a language consultant on the feature film, “WAZ”, produced by Vertigo Films in London.