If I am not the problem, there is no solution!

Before Victor ever met the academy award winning actor from the film Ragtime, Howard Rollins, Harold was comparing the two of them. Upon graduation with his MFA in hand, Victor tour to Japan with Tadashi Suzuki as part of the internationally acclaimed production of The Bacchae. While he was there he was noticed and offered a modeling contract that would allow him to make a lot of money and make the move to the Big Apple, New York City. It was a whirlwind of activity before he got to New York: The Old Globe in San Diego, The Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles, and then finally New York, New York, a city he would call home for the next three years. At a party, he met Bob Duve, The agent of superstars which at the time included Patti Lu Pone. Mr. Duva signed Victor immediately and another series of jobs began.


The Colored Museum,”
George C. Wolfe’s satirical commentary on the African-American experience.

The Colored Museum is a play written by George C. Wolfe that premiered in 1986, directed by L. Kenneth Richardson. In a series of 11 “exhibits” (sketches), the review explores and satires prominent themes and identities of African-American culture.

[The Photo Session: A glamorous Black couple wearing “the best of everything and perfect smiles,” retreat from their past/history into a superficial world of narcissistic glamour. The Photo Session is Wolfe’s critique on the images and models of Ebony magazine.]

A lot happened while Victor was in New York. He worked with Joseph Papp and did several readings and a couple of productions at The Public Theater (New York Shakespeare Festival).

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