Arthur Theodore Wilson – Actor, Playwright, Poet, Educator

but in the everywhere yesterday i must ask black fathers

if you could turn back time and attend to opportunities lost

would you have paid more attention

to those brother uncle cousin clan & neighborhood fathers

that left history stained by marks of dread & puzzle piece infernos of pain

would you have paid more attention and blocked those fathers

by offering alternative paths where pain didn’t interrupt growth

& keep children from languishing in a security of love & teddy bear dreams


In praise & remembrance of black fathers everywhere

who understood the beckoning call of creation’s heart beat

So embraced each poly-rhythmic tone

signaling from inside day & nights’ unfolding contents

that made a drum talk in magic aspirations of language

until even the trees understood

each salutation to the path of ancestor bones

embracing tradition passing down the knowledge of ages

with reverence to god & breath


In remembrance & praise of black fathers everywhere

that united the spark & spunk of gospel seeds

long before slavery chains & auction blocks

oppressed a blues people under brutalization & cracking lash

& there were always black fathers

who were never duplicitous directly or indirectly

in sending millions of black souls across the earth as slaves

to bring civilization to all corners of the world’s fruit again

giving pax whitie its’ gold standard

from a fast forward exploitation smothered by hatred’s

centuries of damaging wrongs


in praise  & remembrance of black fathers everywhere

forced to juggle & carry revolutions’ vast entropy of change

as a break down burden of human flesh

& sent spinning toward the second coming of jesus

yet made a way out of no way

lumpen proletariat brothers

kicking down multiple closed doors to opportunity

where racism used skin color identification

to even bar black fathers from menial jobs

sweeping floors

living in “for whites only” places where fear ran rampant

& segregation roared