Benjamin Banneker-Abolitionist, Inventor, and Intellectual by Elizabeth Cohan-Lawson


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    Benjamin Banneker: The Man Who Loved the Stars (1989)

Ossie Davis stars in this 60-minute TV drama. Davis plays Benjamin Banneker, the self-taught African-American astronomer, surveyor and almanac author. Banneker accomplished all this in the late 18th and early 19th century, a time when most blacks were held in the grip of slavery. The story details Banneker’s first few “free” years as a farmer, his correspondence with Thomas Jefferson, and his efforts to help fugitive slaves escape. Benjamin Banneker: The Man Who Loved the Stars was first telecast in February of 1989 over the CBN cable service.


Ossie Davis and Leon Pinkney

 FREEDOM MAN (1989){Ossie Davis, Louise Stubbs, Leon Pinkney, Jay Barney, Haywood Hale Brown.} ” An exciting Drama based on a True Story. Starring Ossie Davis as Benjamin Banneker, the early American patriot whose achievements rival those of Benjamin Franklin.

Ossie Davis and Leon Pinkney

Ossie Davis and Leon Pinkney

“…in the spirit of ‘ROOTS'” Fighter for Freedom: Risking his life, working with the Underground Railroad  Ossie DAvis and Leon Pinkney 1111to elude vicious slave catchers! Outspoken Patriot: Defying prejudice to publish the black answer to “Poor Richard’s Almanac”! Genius: Astounging the world with his accomplishments and scientific discoveries!”