OLE Musical FILM FESTIVAL – Stormy Weather/Keep Punching/A Day at the Races/Hellzapoppin’

OLE Musical FILM FESTIVAL – Stormy Weather/Keep Punching/A Day at the Races/Hellzapoppin’


Stormy Weather in color – The Nicholas Brothers and Cab Calloway | Colorized with DeOldify



The Big Apple / Keep Punching (1939) in full color | Colorized with DeOldify


Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers performing their Big Apple routine on a movie Keep Punching (1939).

[ The Big Apple, a circle dance of traditional jazz steps done to swing music in response to a caller was very popular in the late 1930s, sweeping dance halls across the United States. In practice, in social dance settings, The Big Apple was never done the same way twice because the steps were called spontaneously by the caller in response to the music and the local community. Listen carefully to the film clip and you can hear Frankie Manning calling out the steps. Unlike the popularly danced version of The Big Apple, however, the routine in this film clip was originally choreographed by Manning in 1937, during the height of the Big Apple dance craze. Dancers: Thomas “Tops” Lee and Wilda Crawford William Downes and Francis “Mickey” Jones Joyce Daniels and Al Daniels Norma Miller and George Grenidge Frankie Manning and Lucille Middleton (source: https://www.frankiemanningfoundation….




A Day at the Races – Lindy Hop scene in color | Colorized with DeOldify


[Excerpt from the movie “A Day at the Races” (1937) where Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers dance to tune “All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm”. ✒ Subscribe to our channel for more videos like this. ↪ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqhU… — […] Whitey himself can be seen on the sidelines. He is identifiable by the streak of white in his hair. This scene, like the Lindy Hop sequence in Hellzapoppin’, has no connection to the main plot of the movie, so that it could be cut from the film when it was shown in the Deep South and other segregated venues. The African-American people in the dance scene are portrayed as innocent and happy, a common stereotype of the time. There is a brief appearance of the Marx brothers covered in coal soot, a clear reference to blackface performance which may be shocking to modern audiences. (source: https://www.frankiemanningfoundation….) — The song, “All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm”, in the clip is by Bronislaw Kaper, Walter Jurmann, and Gus Kahn, which features Ivie Anderson from Duke Ellington’s orchestra. The list of dancers is including Troy Brown, Dorothy Miller, Johnny Smalls, Norma Miller, Leon James, Snooky Beasley, Willa Mae Ricker, Ella Gibson, and George Greenidge. (Apparently, the dancer we called John Bunch is in fact, Troy Brown.) This video is colorized with DeOldify. Edit and colorization by Karri Rasinmäki from our team.



Hellzapoppin’ in full color | Colorized with DeOldify

Slim Gaillard – piano, guitar Slam Stewart – bass Rex Stewart – cornet Elmer Fane – clarinet Jap Jones – trombone C.P. Jonstone – drums