Robert Fleming


  • Melons Poetry (1974)
  • Stars Poetry (1975)
  • Rescuing A Neighborhood: The Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps – Young adult novel (1992)
  • The Success of Caroline Jones, Inc: The Story of an Advertising Agency. — Young adult novel. (1993)
  • The Wisdom of the Elders (1997)
  • The Astral Visitor Delta Blues – short story in Sheree Thomas‘ Dark Matter (2000)
  • The African American Writer’s Handbook: How to Get in Print and Stay in Print (2000)
  • After Hours: A Collection of Erotic Writing by Black Men (2002) Named “Best Erotic Collection of 2002” by Black Issues Book Review
  • Havoc After Dark: Tales of Terror (2002)
  • Intimacy: Erotic Stories of Love, Lust, and Marriage by Black Men (2004)
  • Proverbs for the People (2004)
  • Fever in the Blood (2006)

Fever in the Blood     Click to order via Amazon

ISBN: 0758212399     Format: Mass Market Paperback, 320pp     Pub. Date: May 2006     Kensington Publishing Corporation

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‘and he’s burning mad at the world. He’s mad at the family he lost his parents and sisters viciously killed by a gang in their own home, and he’s mad at the foster family that ‘rescued’  him headed up by a powerful Harlem congressman who sees Eddie as a campaign ploy. Mainly, Eddie is mad at himself, for getting caught by the cops with blood on his hands. The blood he should have washed off right away. He was sloppy this time. It won’t happen again. Because Eddie knows the fever that ignites his rage is wasted unless it’s put to use. And he intends to put it to use again and  again’

Havoc after Dark:    Tales of Terror Click to order via    Amazon

ISBN: 0758205759     Format: Paperback, 241pp     Pub. Date: March 2004     Kensington Publishing Corporation

‘the world is cloaked in shadow and hearts pound in deafening dread. Every step is suspect, every moment counted, every sound feared. This is the hour when panic takes hold.  Terror does not distinguish among class or race or place. See it stalk its prey in a murky basement in Spanish Harlem’under a haunted voodoo moon on a  Caribbean isle’ by ghoulish candlelight in a Mardi Gras backroom. These are the minutes when reality fades, defenses crumble, and only the unknown triumphs. No one is spared. Not parish priest, shapeshifter, or fortuneteller. Not homicidal boy or cunning woman. Within seconds, paid killers to roam city streets, and murderers reborn emerge from fearful chambers of the undead. Within minutes, life slips away to ungodly applause, amulets work black magic, and satanic traditions throw blood at the stars. Now is the instant when…

After Hours: A Collection of Erotic Writing by Black Men Click to order via Amazon

Edited by Robert Fleming

Format: Paperback, 256pp. ISBN: 0452283329 Publisher: Dutton/Plume Pub. Date: July  2002

Curtis Bunn is included in this anthology

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“After Hours hits the ground running and maintains its level of excellence from cover to cover. It includes Charles Johnson’s Cultural Relativity, which had a surprising and humorous ending; Odell by John A. Williams, one of my favorite authors of all time; Arthur Flowers (Another Good Loving Blues) Once Upon A Time, a tale that unfolds like a whispered melody sung with the rhythm of a beating heart; Alexs D. Pate’s The Rumor, a haunting and poignant tale which placed me in the middle of an organized chaotic mind; and Jervey Tervalon (Dead Above Ground) sent me over-the-top with Twisted.” –Thumper,