Glenda Dickerson

 Dickerson is co-author of Re/membering Aunt Jemima: A Menstrual Show,which is published in Colored Contradictions: an anthology of  contemporary African American plays (Plume). Her recent essays include “Let the People See What I’ve Seen: In Praise of Mamie Till” and “Katrina: acting black/playing blackness” in Theatre Journal. Dickerson is currently working on: Anabel’s Brush, an oral history of Georgia Sea Island descendants of African slaves; and a book The Saga of Lily Overstreet: Rhodessa Jones and the spectacular review.


 Before coming to Michigan, Dickerson was head of the Department of Drama and Dance at Atlanta’s Spelman College and has also taught at Rutgers University both the New Brunswick and Newark campuses. At the University, she is Head of the African American Theatre Minor and served as Director of the Center for World Performance Studies until 2009.

Glenda Dickerson-  Directing credits (Partial list)

Jesus Christ, Lawd T’day – American theatre

Tortures of Mothers – Back Alley Theatre.

Shaking the Mess Outta Misery – Kitchen Prayers

Black Thunder – Webster College

The Turnaround –Rutgers University

Winti Train – Billie Holiday Theatre

NO – New Federal Theatre








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