Marc Copage

Marc Copage th


by Dale Ricardo Shields 
“You might say… I’ve lived life from top to bottom”

“Overcoming ones self…

Setting the soul free!”


Our deepest fear is not how small we are, but how great we can become.  It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” ―  Marianne Williamson

Marc Copage 2

Dale Ricardo Shields (Iforcolor creator) had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Copage.

This is what he wanted to share with us:

DS: Marc, thank you so much for this opportunity.  I feel as if I grew up with you, watching you on television! 

Marc: First off, thank you for your wonderful work! I could have never figured all that out on somebody else! You’re good! And now I’ll attempt to answer your questions.

DS: What you are up to now?-

Marc:  I am getting ready to return to school as a music major,  I also, currently work as a cater waiter and bartender. I work a lot of very high profile events and have served some of the biggest names and most powerful people in Hollywood.