Slim 2013 photo

****Iforcolor had the opportunity to interview Mr. Mello.  This is what the man himself had to say:

DRS: What would you want to do if you were not a dancer?

 Mello: I would be a musician.  I am a music lover, also!  I love music in general, but Jazz and Funk are my favorite styles.   I’ve been falling in love with classical music lately and its been really inspirational hearing all this new spiritual information from the rhythms, roots, and sounds for me.  I must admit, that I have not found the happiness, passion, and pleasure in anything else as I found being a dancer.



DRS: Where do you see yourself in the dance world in 20 years?

  Mello: I really would like to go back to Brazil and teach modern dance and ballet. I want to have an opportunity to share all my experiences with young dancers.

DRS: Tell us about your family?

Mello I have a huge family and it was amazing growing up with all my cousins.  I got almost 16 uncles and aunts. So I lost my count on how many cousins I have.  But there’s nobody like my parents. They did everything that they could to give my sister and me a good education.  It’s hard being far away from them but it’s my life now.

DRS: Would you ever do Broadway?

  Mello: I would love to do my favorite musicals someday (Chorus Line, West Side Story, and Chicago). But the only problem is that I don’t sing. I wish I could do it…

DRS. Do you have any fears?

 Mello: Yes. Sometimes I’m afraid I  will not get to the level I want to in my career. I imagine that is a normal feeling for any person,  especially artists.

DRS: What were the (or one of) your favorite tour stops?


Mello: I loved France (Lyon, Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, and Toulouse).

 I really loved France!