Zenobia felt that something was missing in her life at that time. Right out of high school, she got into show business and moved to New York City to pursue her career. She discovered the Nichren Shoshu Buddhist path on her own but eventually discovered hypocrisies in that community as well. She put the brakes on religion altogether and removed it from her life. Or so she thought. Along the way, Zenobia worked as a Broadway actress, a backup singer to many, a musician, composer, a producer of award-winning commercials for TV and Radio in advertising, and as a casting director.

“Early Important Political events in my life: 1960, Mom took me to hear John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Ralph Abernathy speak at the Shrine Auditorium on civil rights. 1962, Jesse M. Unruh, Speaker of the Assembly came to my 5th-grade class to speak. His kids were my schoolmates. 1970, I protested the Viet Nam war through song and dance in HAiR. I didn’t know how it touched people’s lives until young men met me at the backstage door with their draft cards asking me for advice. I was only 18. 1972, During Senator George McGovern’s run for President, some cast members were invited to DC to sing for his Presidential campaigning in the DAR Constitution Hall & shared the stage with Tom Paxton and Kurt Vonnegut. Delores Hall and I were perhaps the first of several black women to sing inside the hall where our predecessor Marian Anderson was not.”

“Through a series of incredible personal experiences, Zenobia found her way to One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, a 2-year program located in New York, which led to her ordination as an Interfaith Minister. The seminary’s curriculum helped Zenobia find what had been missing in her life: Her own personal relationship with God, without the dogma. The curriculum provided a firm knowledge base in both ancient and contemporary faiths and spiritual practices as well as practical ministry.”

“Asking the question all along, “How Can I Serve?” Zenobia became a Wedding Celebrant for the “soul” purpose of making a difference in the world by bringing people together. She felt a strong calling to celebrate life by uniting people through the celebration of marriage.”

“Me & My Guitar” – Photo credit: PhotoSantagto.com New Mexico’s Premier photographer