‘Reflections from the jacuzzi: I want to thank some of the men in my world who’ve helped support my continuing journey in music, business, and healing. Jerry Combs (HAiR), Burt Bachrach, Jobriath (HAiR), Paul Jabara (HAiR), Armand Coullet (HAiR), Bill Haggard, Coach Greg McNeil of Coaches Korner Fitness, Mark Ray, Arnie Rosen … who have said, “Sing it!”, “You can do it”, “Why not?”, “I saw something in you”, “I believe in you”, “Let’s do it!”, “Never stop writing music”, “How can I help?”, “Cut 2 measures out of that track with a razor blade” and “You’re hired”. Michael Rhone(HAiR): “I’ll show you how you can live on Stove Top Stuffing till your next job.” Thank you! Have a nice day…”

Wings for Hope ~ Toys 4 Tots “an Evening at the Lensic” — with David Copher, Ramon Lovato, Paula Rhae McDonald, Patrick Immel, April Reese, Terry Diers, Mary Beckley Evans, Synde Parten, Ben L. Lucero, Gwen Spatzier, Tone Forrest, Mark Clark, Music by Zenobia, Zenobia Conkerite, Pete Mortimer, John Kurzweg, Lisa Stuckey, Larry Mitchell, Murali Little Leroy Levine, Eric George, David Manzanares, Tim Bosley, Michael Handler, Tony Buford, Sara Diaz, Faith Amour, Jay Boy Adams, Daniel Murphy, Sean Healen, Lydia Clarke, Lydia Clark and Justin Lindsey at Lensic Performing Arts Center.