Arthur Theodore Wilson – Actor, Playwright, Poet, Educator


in praise & remembrance of black fathers in hand made sandals

or bare feet

who with their resourceful wives & children

were born in a world

when nothing had a name

yet through trial & error portals of intuition & spirit

pushed earth’s history into position for its’ dawning song


from lush or arid bush

black fathers journeyed through mystery & uncertainty

to ponder & define

connections to each evolutionary step

then from mud huts designed & organized city states

wrote & divined countless books for the world’s first libraries

danced with ghosts & created the 7 wonders of the world

empowered their own volition to formulate

& define the context & parameters for geometry’s

source & use

then woke up mathematics from its’ second sleep

to map out a galaxy of stars while sleeping on verdant savannas

that teemed with predators & virgin roads

roads that our early black fathers feet made as each discovery

arrived through a primal scream