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Vinnie Bagwell

         VINNIE                        BAGWELL  by Dale Ricardo Shields      “Vinnie Bagwell was born in Yonkers, New York, and grew up in the Town of Greenburgh in Westchester County. She displayed a remarkable gift for drawing at an early age and developed …

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Stephen Wiltshire – Artist

  Stephen Wiltshire “British architectural artist and autistic savant, as he is known for being able to redraw entire landscapes from memory.  Looking at his drawings knowing such information about his life, will one now look at his drawing with a different perspective?  Would people attribute his talents as a “Super Crip”, or as Barbara …

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Chapman Roberts

 CHAPMAN ROBERTS  By Dale Ricardo Shields   In Celebration of the Creator of Black Stars on Broadway Maestro ~ Producer ~ Composer   (Producers) Black Stars of The Great White Way – A Chapman Roberts Concept started out as a seed, a dream, an idea and manifested as a historical event at the legendary Carnegie …

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Shirley Taylor

SHIRLEY TAYLOR By Dale Ricardo Shields ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shirley Taylor received her MFA in painting from the City College of New York and has studied at the Art Students League, the School of Visual Arts, and Parsons School of Design. Her paintings and drawings are featured in a number of private collections. A native  New Yorker, …

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Kathy A. Perkins

Kathy A. Perkins Emeritus Faculty — Lighting Design/MA and Ph.D. Faculty University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) 1978 Theatre – Lighting Design [MFA] Howard University (Washington, D.C.) 1976 Drama {BFA] USAA  829   Specialties: Africa/African Diaspora Theatre, Women of Color, Lighting Design   PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING DESIGN (Representative Listing) St. Louis Black Repertory Company – Artistic Director: Ron …

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