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Adelle Gautier

Adelle Gautier Actress, Storyteller, and Educator January 15, 1948 [ ALPHA ] – August 10, 2021 [ OMEGA ] by  DALE  RICARDO  SHIELDS  Page 1 – 12 Adella Adella the Storyteller ( Adelle LeWhodatier Gautier )  was born and lived in New Orleans, Louisiana. She traveled extensively around the world  … storytelling and performing!   A native New Orleanian, Adelle, known affectionately …

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Melony McGant

    Melony McGant                  by Dale Ricardo Shields    ****** Melony McGant is a poet, humanist and compassionate communications professional with more than twenty years of experience in assisting both people and organizations discover and promote their professional or personal life missions. She has a strong track record of …

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Dr. Nefretete Rasheed

Nefretete Rasheed, Ph.D Artist of Interdisciplinary Arts, Theatre, Dance, Poetry. By Arthur T. Wilson “Every day is Graduation“ Dr. Nefretete Rasheed * Nefretete Rasheed, Ph.D., a graduate of New York University, is an educator, writer, and therapist. She is also the Education and Clinical Director for Aspirations, Inc., an organization she founded that promotes teaching and …

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Toni King

Dr. Toni King Professor of Black and Women Studies and Author   Biography Toni King came to the University in 1997 and holds a joint appointment in Black Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies. Since that time she has served intermittently as the Director of the Center for Black Studies, and contributed broadly to the …

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Louis Reyes Rivera

                                      Louis Reyes Rivera  “Janitor of History – The Peoples Poet” by Arthur T. Wilson and Dale Ricardo Shields   Professor Reyes is a professor of Pan-African, African-American, Caribbean, and Puerto Rican literature and history whose essays and …

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