Adelle Gautier

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                                              “Her energy was so amazing,

 she was kind and funny,       

                           and her chemistry was amazing”





It’s been the final curtain recently for two of the finest actors New Orleans has ever produced, Carol Sutton, and now my Dillard classmate, Adella Gautier. Shine on my Angels, your exits are but preludes for even grander entrances.

But alas, there is still “The” Patricia Maguire holding it down. – Dean Irby



Frozine Thomas, Adelle Gautier and Carol Sutton 

Carol Sutton – December 3, 1944 – December 10, 2020 ✨
Adelle Gautier – January 15, 1948 – August 10, 2021 ✨
Frozine Thomas – January 6, 1943 – July 5, 2022 ✨


Carol Sutton, Adelle Gautier and Anthony Bean

I can’t find the words to express, except you will be missed, dear friend. You are soaring to new heights now. R.I.P. Adella. 💔 2021 – All rights reserved ©2021