Adelle Gautier

Driving Miss Daisy from See ‘Em On Stage: A Production Company, LLC. The Fortress of Lushington.
Adelle as Hoke, Michael Martin as Daisy, Mikko Ismyfullname as Boolie.
[Photo by Louis Maistros Photography

Adelle Gautier at The Fortress of Lushington

[Louis Maistros Photography]


Ms. Blue

Written and Directed by Mary McDade Casteel

Ms. Blue, a charismatic elderly woman spends her days sitting on her porch and talking to those that pass by. Some bring pleasantries, other bad memories.
Produced by Rashada Fortier
Cinematography by Trenton Mynatt
Music by Helen Gillet
Edited by Mary McDade Casteel, Trenton Mynatt
Starring Adella Gautier