Adelle Gautier


Big Easy Theater Award Nominee 2014

Awards and recognitions include fellowships and grants from the Louisiana Division of the Arts (theater), Rockefeller Foundation. New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation. New Oilcans Video Access Center. She also was honored by The Alliance for Community Theaters, Inc. (ACT I)  as Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Production, and the Robert D. Costley award for outstanding creative service to the Black community in New Orleans.



Dear Dale (Iforcolor) You are my cultural pusher man.  When do you sleep, Culture man? I simply adore and so appreciate the wealth and depth of the site’s information. Thanks for this important site. Much love, joy, peace, and prosperity to you and Iforcolor / BTAAV. – Adelle

Adelle Gautier Photo on 2012-10-13 at 12.11

Fortunate to have my girls.

They are adults who make this Mama proud.
Both are excelling in their careers;
Amber, the historian, and education administrator, and Tiffany, the lawyer, and circuit court judge .

Amber Zu-Johnson. Adelle Gautier and Tiffany Chase 

Amber Easter Gautier Zu-Bolton,
Tiffany Gautier Chase and
their Mama, Adella