Adelle Gautier


Dear Dale (Iforcolor) You are my cultural pusher man.  When do you sleep, Culture man? I simply adore and so appreciate the wealth and depth of the site’s information. Thanks for this important site. Much love, joy, peace, and prosperity to you and Iforcolor. – Adelle 


Adelle Gautier Photo on 2012-10-13 at 12.11

Fortunate to have my girls.

They are adults who make this Mama proud.
Both are excelling in their careers;
Amber, the historian, and education administrator, and Tiffany, the lawyer, and circuit court judge.

Amber Zu-Johnson. Adelle Gautier and Tiffany Chase 

Amber Easter Gautier Zu-Bolton,
Tiffany Gautier Chase and
their Mama, Adella