Melony McGant

Rev. Melony McGant (aka Miss Mellie Rainbow) is a storyteller, thought-leader, humanist, poet, and compassionate communications professional with more than 30 years experience in assisting both people and organizations discover and promote their professional or personal life missions.

A resident of New York City, McGant is a career/life coach and personal empowerment workshop facilitator and a Certified Level One Trainer in Kingian Nonviolence. She is also Coordinating/Marketing Director for Dr. Glory Van Scott Productions. She has a strong track record of success in public relations, cause marketing and special events coordination. For her community service she has received the New Mexico Not Even One Service Award, the 911 Red Cross Volunteer Award, the Pittsburgh City Council Women’s Recognition Award, and the Minority Business Enterprise Legal Defense and Education Fund Award for Service.

An ordained Interfaith Minister, a professional storyteller and author of the novel “Sunshine & Olivier: A Parable of Love” (IUniverse), Rev. Melony is also the primary author of “The Healing Adagio: A Love Symphony In Five Parts” and the journal, empowerment workbook “Seeker Dreamer: Amazing, Brilliant Compassionate YOU!” (both published by Authorhouse). Her books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and independent booksellers world-wide.

Rev. Melony McGant’s work is also included in several anthologies, including “The Book of Hope” and “The World Book of Healing” (both by Beyond Borders Press) and “Go Tell Michelle: African American Women Write to Michelle Obama” (SUNY Press).


 iforcolor had the opportunity to interview Ms. McGant.  This is what she shared with us about her career and life experience:


Dale – Melony, thank you!  I have been following your ministry web posts for two years, now.  You are a wonderfully artistic and inspirational spirit.  Tell us, who do you admire? Who are your Heros and Sheroes?
Melony – I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a household where participation in civil rights was essential. Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, John Brown, Mary McLeod Bethune, Harry Belafonte, Ralph Bunche, Bill Cosby, W.E. B. DuBois, Kwame Nkrumah, Gwendolyn Brooks, Charles Drew,  Katherine Dunhan, Romare Bearden, Franz Fanon, Franklin Frazier, Dick Gregory, Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, Howard Thurman, Martin Luther King, Jr.  Malcolm X, Shirley Chisolm and Barbara Jordan were just a few of the many names discussed at our dinner table. So, I have many! 
My Mother, Betty J. Tilman was an activist in the Civil Rights, Peace and Freedom and the Free South Africa Movement. As a child I attended many marches including the March on Washington where Dr. King gave his I Have A Dream Speech, participated in the historical Poor People Campaign, belonged to the NAACP and believed that the right to vote was a great gift! 

Dale – What experiences brought you to your present spiritual awareness and ministry?

Melony – As a teen, young adult, and professional in Pittsburgh, I worked on both local, state and national political campaigns.  I spent four years in the United States Navy. Upon my return to Pittsburg at the age of twenty-three, at the age of 23, I was appointed as an NAACP board member, served on the Human Rights Dinner Committee, was editor of the NAACP News, and hosted a weekly NAACP radio talk show. I relocated to West Virginia to complete my studies, and later to Washington where I was awarded an internship and hired as an assistant to the fundraiser for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. I was mentored by Parren Mitchell, and many other soldiers in the struggle for equity in America.

In 1990, after many years in NYC working for the American Management Association, I relocated back to Pittsburgh, owned my own business, and found myself involved in both a local & national movement in support of MBE/WBE programs. One of my most memorable marketing projects was a campaign for the Minority Business Enterprise Legal Defense And Education Fund (MBELDEF). I have been a feature writer for the New Pittsburgh Courier, been featured in MBE Magazine, and have written for several other publications.  However, what is most important to me has been my journey of forgiveness and love. 

Dale – What advise or message do you have for young people?

Melony – Each and every person has a gift. Discover your gift.  Use your gifts. Share your gifts with the world. You will probably discover that you have many gifts. For instance, in life, I have learned to be patient, sincere, kind, and responsible. I believe in listening, and in providing support or encouragement to every individual. My strengths include being detail oriented, a team player, and the ability to motivate other humans as they expand their horizons. I love people of all cultures. They inspire me, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with them.

Most importantly I have a passion to serve, and to assist in the healing of hearts so that more individuals can grow and flourish as productive members of our society. Certainly, that includes working in an environment that promotes peace.