Toni King

vibrant—that Dr. King brings the Black Motherline and its transmission of leadership to black daughters to the world stage as one of the many leadership paradigms existing in a global society.





Toni King


when i die

carry my body

to the pyramids

smile into the sphinx’s

stone eyes

form a calyx

round me


belly laugh my bones to rest with


light fires for making

shadow dances on the walls

when my heart rises

into full moon-time


for the children

who do not know their mothers

weep for the men

who did not honor wild women

sleep in the breath of


fold your fetal selves into tight balls

metamorphose into peace


A poem for a Brother/Artist

(Daddy Dale) 


Toni King

 trickster, traveller
trumpet for life
i saw you
ticking off the minutes to
the writing on your shoes
the winning number each one held
after five minutes of your time
daddy dale falling from the tongues
of tough guys
the secret language of comrades
in truth
i saw you
teach/a, preach/a, motivate/a
living lean, edgy, keen
lifting large
so their lives could talk back
make plain
speak a mountain into volcanic

 tribute to an artist
and brother direct/a

(c) toni c. king
1/2/2012 for d.r.s

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