Toni King

tribute to an artist and brother direct/a * by Toni King for Dale Shields

Toni King, Stafford C Berry Jr., Dale Shields, Cynthia Turnbull, Cheryl McFarren, Mark Anthony Arceño, and Company

trickster, traveler
trumpet for life
i saw you
ticking off the minutes to
the writing on your shoes
the winning number each one held
after five minutes of your time
daddy dale falling from the tongues
of tough guys
the secret language of comrades
in truth
i saw you
teach/a, preach/a, motivate/a
living lean, edgy, keen
lifting large
so their lives could talk back
make plain
speak a mountain into volcanic
tribute to an artist
and brother direct/a
toni c. king (C) All rights reserved
1/2/2012 for Dale


Fires In The Mirror – (Denison University)

Cast members – Perla Castro (Hoboken, N.J.), Lindsey Johnston (Perrysburg, Ohio), Jamar Orr (Chicago, Ill.), Ashley Price (Columbus, Ohio), and Jared Roper (Springfield, Ohio); juniors Anna Bethel (Circleville, Ohio), Lowell Byers (Chappaqua, N.Y.); sophomores Ben Jacoby (Maplewood, N.J.), and Jordan Wolff (Medina, Ohio); and freshmen Jessica Blaise (Boston, Mass.), Katie Dahm (Austin, Tex.), and Natasha Wright (Aurora, Colo.). Senior Jennifer Zimmer (Columbus, Ohio) serves as assistant director; sophomore Laura Judson (Bainbridge Island, Wash.) is stage manager; junior Whitney Foster

Set and Lighting design by Peter Pauze’

~* ~

I, Too Sing America (Denison University)


Conceived and Directed by Dale Shields — with Tony Liu, Jaime Weinfeld, Brandon Hummons, Xavier Jesus Vargas, Keith ScootDawg Nolen, Daniel Fiorentini, Lennie Johnson III, Autumn Stiles, Najee Rollins, Quaanzale Thompson, Khari Riley, Sara Blike, Mark Anthony Arceño, Wizzy Dorceus, Jasmine KP, Myky Tran, Keith Mullings Jr.,


All rights reserved
(c) Dale Shields