Professor STAN BROWN

Dimension straddling, time traveling, imported beer lover who, reportedly, gives good hugs.

Former Assistant Professor at Miami University
Former Full Professor at University of South Carolina
Former Visiting Instructor at National Theatre School Of Canada
Former post graduate researcher at University of Warwick
Former Visiting Instructor at SUNY Oneonta
Former Assistant Professor at Towson University
Former Associate professor at University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Studied Contemporary Shakespearean Performance, (Got an RSC hook up and didn’t stick around for the degree) at University of Warwick
Studied Acting at University of South Carolina – Columbia
Went to Harleyville-Ridgeville

“I hope you focus on the fact that you are trying. Not that you have failed or that you might fall again, but that you are doing what you can. And that, my darling,
is its own kind of success.”

Stan Brown wins the Best Actor award for his performance in the Grand Prize-winning film “The Bespoke Tailoring of Mister Bellamy”. (Photo: Stan Carpenter/The Times)