The State of Black Theatre It’s in need of long-withheld nourishment, and encouragement.”


Stan joined the Guest Artist faculty at the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal.  He is working on a voice book that will include submissions from noted voice professionals Cicely Berry, Arthur Lessac, Andrew Wade, Louis Colliani, and Richard Armstrong. 

He also served as the voice consultant for the Food Network show Dave Does and as a language consultant on the feature film, “WAZ”, produced by Vertigo Films in London.



Thank you, Dale Shields. For saint-level patience and seasoned stage manager persistence. You’re so committed to building community and (with unfaltering consistency) supporting and uplifting the members of the community. Thank you, mighty Griot. You hold us up to the light and we are grateful. Please know that you’re loved, admired, and deeply respected. 

You DA man! Love and light, Stan