Antone Pagán

Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company STUDIO TO STAGE – May 2021


Luis Salgado a co-choreographer of the Broadway play In the Heights conducted an uplifting interview of Mr. Pagán for Revolucion Latina (an organization that focuses on Latino art).

Revolucion Latina & the Power of Antone Pagán.

Antone Pagán can be seen in the Jennifer Lopez’ produced film Lavoe El Cantante as Ms. Lopez’s brother Papo, which also features Marc Anthony.

Antone with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez in "El Cantante".

Antone with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez in El Cantante.

Antone Pagán represented Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony at President Obama’s 2008 election campaign while shooting a TV pilot in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He helped to persuade 10,000 undecided Latinos vote in favor of President Obama which gave rise to his presidential victory in 2008.



Mr. Frank 

Mr. Frank