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Rob Reiner, Jean Stapleton, and Carroll O’Connor

Dr. Wynell Thatcher, is a surgeon who assists Dr. Seymour Shapiro, the Bunker family physician, in performing gall bladder surgery on Archie in Archie’s Operation: Part 1 and 2 episodes in Season 7 of All In The Family. The part of Dr. Thatcher was played by late veteran stage/film actress Vinnette Carroll.

Jean Stapleton

In the Archie’s Operation episode, Dr. Shapiro was assisted by Dr. Thatcher, who’s a West Indian woman; To Archie’s objection, she winds up donating her blood, which is the same type as Archie’s (AB-), in a needed blood transfusion, to his disbelief! Dr. Thatcher, a Black woman, donates her blood, which is the same type as Archie’s, for a much-needed transfusion before performing gall bladder surgery on him in Season 6 of “AITF”, in the episode “Archie’s Operation: Part 1 and 2”.

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West Indian doctor winds up giving the reluctant Archie, who is in the hospital for gall bladder surgery, a much-needed blood transfusion, donating her blood, which is the same type as his.




LOS ANGELES – SEPTEMBER 10: All In The Family. Episode: ‘Archie’s Operation, Part II’. Featuring Vinnette Carroll (as Dr. Wynelle Thatcher), and Carroll O’Connor (as Archie Bunker). Negative dated September 10, 1976. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)