Arthur Theodore Wilson – Actor, Playwright, Poet, Educator

But in the everywhere yesterday i must ask black fathers

If you could turn back time and attend to opportunities lost

Would you have paid more attention

to those brother uncle cousin clan & neighborhood fathers

that left history stained by marks of dread & puzzle piece infernos of pain

would you have paid more attention and blocked those fathers

by offering alternative paths where pain didn’t interrupt growth

& keep children from languishing in a security of love & teddy bear dreams


in praise & remembrance of black fathers everywhere

living in some hovel where poverty lingered like maggots on a corpse

supporting self-hatred married

To crime

no place to be somebody

in a drop dead nigga world

where a starved intellect

kept its’potential from the light


still here

weather beaten broken driven crazy contrite

yet unable to go sweetly into a transformative night


in praise & remembrance of black fathers everywhere

that prayed hard on bended knees

and were not afraid to surrender their lives

fighting back countless times against the intolerance

of brotherhood & each stalemate of righteousness detouring



let us praise & remember black fathers everywhere




that still became doctors


dream weavers




protest marchers

defiant agitators against injustice

farmers share croppers pawns brick layers inventors artists

athletes factory workers soldiers politicians thinkers

or whatever trade or profession that could be achieved

becoming a man inside racism & hatreds’ weeds