Niles Fitch




In 2011, the late Frederick Fitch found BTAAV and this page in its very beginning. He acknowledged and applauded my mission to write about Black theatre/entertainment history and told me with love and pride about his young son. Adding that I must add his name even at a very young age. He was right! I remember hearing the pride this man had in his young son, Frederick and I then put it together,  and this profile of Niles was originally published in early 2013.

“From early on, Frederick Fitch kept his son focused.”

  • *{ I still writing updating about your young man, Frederick… our conversations and emails were just the beginning of what has become a fantastic career.

You did a fantastic job! ~ Dad* ~ Rest in peace, Frederick Fitch ***** } *

This Is Us star reflects on father’s guidance

“He sacrificed all that, why should I stop.”


Niles Fitch came back to his hometown of Atlanta for a reason that mirrors his role on TV. A reason that hits home for anyone who’s experienced a sudden loss.

This Is Us star Niles Fitch reflects on father in Atlanta