Niles Fitch




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Fast-rising tween, Niles Fitch, is a 14-year-old Atlanta native who is following his passion for connecting with others through stage, print, commercials, television, film, and voice-overs.                          He loves to model, sing, dance, act, and make you laugh! 

~*Iforcolor (interview)*~ 



Shields: Miles,  how did you get started in Show business?

Niles: Strangers always asked my mom if I was a model and told my parents I should model, so my parents got me started in modeling at 3 and saw that I liked it.

Shields: Do you have a role model from the world of show business? Who is your role model?

Niles: I like Will Smith because he does everything.

Shields: You have started a remarkable career, already. What do you want to do as an adult?

Niles: I want to act, model, draw, and do voice-overs.

Shields: A theatrical career has so many lessons, what is the most important lesson you have learned backstage?

Niles: Never play around, it is a job.

Shields:  You are a great young man!  Continued success in all you do.  Great meeting you!