He was photographed, written about, lied about, and became confused at a world where talent for the first time was not enough. This went on for several years… the joy and direction he once felt was slowly replaced with apathy emptiness. Yes, he still managed to score the event movie and to work enough to live and live well.

 Donny B. Lord and Victor Love share the title role in Final Shot: The Hank Gathers Story. The film traces the true story of young Gathers, played by Lord as a child and Love as an adult. Rising from his inner-city origins to become a basketball star at Loyola Marymount, Gathers’ career is suddenly, and tragically, cut short. Co-starring are Nell Carter as Hank’s supportive mother and George Kennedy as the inspirational neighborhood priest. Made for television, Final Shot was first seen in syndication during the week of March 29-April 4, 1992.”    ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

The Hank Gathers Story, Miami Vice, Different World, Batman Returns, LA Law, Babylon 5, Any Day Now, Will and Grace, Gang Related, Heaven is a Playground, HBO’S Spawn and West Wing are a few of his favorites, but that spark… that hunger was gone.

A summer with Michael Kahn at the Shakespeare Theater in Washington DC reminded Victor of his love of theater, but by then Victor had decided to pursue other options. Victor turned his attention to his spiritual life seeking answers that he knew existed. He went to acting classes; he went to the gym, to parties, was in and out of relationships all in an attempt to fill the growing emptiness but nothing worked. In this period he suffered several losses including his Father and the sense of isolation and hopelessness grew. Mr. Love entered what he calls his “Dark years. He says he had a moment where the world seemed to be punishing him. Others were making millions of dollars and the only thing that was important to them was their money. He says he cursed Heaven and lost faith in God. Lost faith in himself in his purpose. Looking back he now sees he was refusing to look at himself to examine the causes for his unhappiness. He says he felt the world owed him. He did not see until later that it was he who owed the world. He did not see that he had become as selfish, greedy, egotistical, mean and desperate as the city he accused of all these same vices. Desperation and reaching what he hopes was his bottom he entered a program of recovery and found out that a life lived without service is a life not worth living.

“You are right where you are supposed to be.” — Words of wisdom from Rosie Thomas

Photo by Leonard R Butler

Victor is now the CEO of Victor Love Entertainment. His pet project involves going into schools and motivating young people to name their dreams, to become experts on their dreams and to take action to make those dreams, those God-given dreams come true. He now knows the fullness of living a life of purpose on purpose. He still seeks knowledge, yet now he shares it too.

His one-man show: Shakespeare, Poetry and Prayer was produced in 2011. His mission statement is to tell stories that need to be told . . . to help others tell their stories. Mr. Love is teaching, writing, acting and living the life he always dreamed of living. His dream is to encourage you to tell your story. He is here as an example which he hopes will motivate others to do the same. His dream includes you. Oh by the way… he has rediscovered the joy in acting! That is a gift for us.

Victor Love and Neal Ghant at Georgia Shakespeare.

Victor Love and Neal Ghant at Georgia Shakespeare.


Victor Love on "Good Morning Extra"

Victor Love on “Good Morning Extra