Carla Earle


Carla Earle

  By Dale Ricardo Shields

I stopped telling God about my problems

and started to tell my problems about God.”

Choose your thoughts carefully. Keep what brings you peace, release what brings you suffering and know that happiness is just a thought away. When you learn to accept instead of expect, you will have fewer disappointments. Breathe in peace, breathe out stress. Today I fill myself with love and I send that love out into the world. How others treat me is their path, how I react is mine.” Everyone… Enjoy your day… On Purpose!”

“Make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant.”

Creative DirectorChoreographer, Dancer and Stunt woman~


Carla at age 5
Who knew?

World Dance Awards 2013

 “My life is way too peaceful at this very moment and if yours isn’t, I’ll pray for you.
We all have the experience of difficult people in our lives at one point or another.
We encounter a wide variety of people throughout our lives. Some of them touch us in some positive way. Occasionally, however, we encounter those individuals who, for whatever reason, can be difficult to deal with. Dealing with them in the long term, however, can be exhausting. The behavior of difficult people can even make you feel like losing your temper but keep your cool. Staying calm and focused on my path of peace comforts me.”

Carla Earle was born and raised in Queens, New York to Sidney and  Gloria Earle. Her father is from Barbados (Caribbean) and her mother is of German, Irish, and Black descent.

Gloria and Sidney Earle

I was born with blond hair, blue/green eyes in a family that was classified as “Black.”

The Earle’s were an upper-middle-class family that lived in a beautiful home in the suburbs of New York City.  The culture in the household was an amazing and vast feast of international food, a variety of diverse cultural music and dance.  Carla was the youngest of six children and was considered the “change of life” baby.”

“I was always told I was an “accident.”  My mother thought she had the flu. So as you can imagine, my interpretation and ideas about life were ”different.”  I always felt out of place, like I intruded on my mother’s life. I had siblings that were much older and were “not” happy with the news of my arrival, I looked different as an African American kid, so people pleasing and doing for others always felt good.  I was a good student and a better athlete, and might I say, better than many boys my age and older!”

This picture is at her 90th and final Birthday party.

Carla Earle was always a nurturing old soul.  She was often referred to as a true “Daddy’s” girl; Carla did whatever her dad was doing around the house.  If her dad was outside fixing his car, so was she at his side.  Sporting events were holidays in the Earle household, something Carla has truly passed on to her own children.  As a youngster, she played every sport available to her at that time, from football (with the boys), baseball, basketball, handball, and track.  She won many trophies and had the time of her life exploring the discipline of athletics.  That passion existed from grade school through the end of her junior high school years.

 At six years old, Carla experienced the world of ballet and tap at a local dance school, but when sports interfered, dance was out!  She did, however, have a spiritual experience when she danced and it came quite naturally!  Her mother exposed her to many forms of art.  She went to ballroom competitions, Broadway shows, and Off-Broadway theatres.  Carla loved going to Manhattan, but at twelve years old, it was seeing the Broadway show Bubblin Brown Sugar that did something to her spirit.  She envisioned herself on that stage singing, dancing, and motivating the audience to smile for two hours.

“Who knew later on in my career I would appear in that very show!”


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