Louis Johnson

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Throughout the 1950s Johnson danced on Broadway in several shows including

My Darlin’ Aida, House of Flowers and Hallelujah Baby!

CREDITS Mme Fleur: Pearl Bailey Ottilie: Diahann Carroll Mme Tango: Juanita Hall Royal: Rawn Spearman Pansy: Ada Moore Tulip: Enid Mosier Gladiola: Dolores Harper Lord Jamison: Geoffrey Holder Do: Winston George Henriques Don’t: Solomon Earl Green Mother: Miriam Burton Captain Jonas: Ray Walston Mamselle Ibo Lele: Pearl Reynolds The Sisters Merengue: Leu Comacho, Margot Small Mamselle Honolulu: Mary Mon Toy Mamselle Cigarette: Glory Van Scott Chief Of Police: Don Redman Carmen: Carmen De Lavallade Alvin: Alvin Ailey Monsieur Jamison: Dino Di Luca The Houngan: Frederick O’Neal Baron Of The Cemetery: Geoffrey Holder Duchess Of The Sea: Miriam Burton Steel Band: Michel Alexander, Roderick Clavery,  Alphonson Marshall Townspeople: Joseph Comadore, Hubert Dilworth, Philip Hepburn, Louis Johnson, Mary Louise, Audrey Mason, Arthur Mitchell, Walter Nicks, Albert Popwell, Sabu, Herbert Stubbs.

Photos – Hallelujah, Baby! (The Official Masterworks Broadway)
Image Source Page: http://www.masterworksbroadway.com/artist/images/13305 

“The original Broadway production closed after nine months of performances. Hallelujah Baby had been closed for several months when it won the Tony for Best Musical, beating out The Happy Time, How Now Dow Jones, and Illya Darling. (The Happy Time and How Now Dow Jones were both still running at the time.)”

[ Louis Johnson appeared in both the stage and screen versions of Bob Fosse’s  Damn Yankees. ]

Damn Yankees


Louis Johnson. Johnson performed in both the stage and screen versions of Bob Fosse’s “Damn Yankees.