The Little Rock Nine

Ernest Green

Ernest Green was born in Little Rock Arkansas on September 22, 1941.  He was the first black to graduate from school in 1958 (Ernest).  He received an anonymous donation to attend school at Michigan State University where he obtained his Bachelor of Art in 1962 and his Master’s degree in sociology in 1964; he was top of his class (Ernest).  He later discovered that the anonymous donation was from the president of the school, John A. Hannah (Ernest).   After graduating he received an apprenticeship in building trades for Adolph Institute (Ernest).  Ernest Green appeared in the PBS Free to Choose panel discussion related to workers’ rights and the economy in 1980 (Ernest).

Minnijean Brown

Minnijean Brown was born on September 11, 1941, in Little Rock Arkansas.  During her time at Little Rock Central, she was suspended for pouring a bowl of chili on to a white boy for blocking her way in the cafeteria in December 1957 (Minnijean, 2011).  Two months after returning to school, February 1958, Minnijean Brown was expelled for calling a white girl “white trash” after the girl hit Minnijean with a purse (Minnijean, 2011).  After the Little Rock Nine events, Minnijean Brown remained a civil rights activist.  She was appointed by President Bill Clinton to be Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of the Interior (Minnijean, 2011).  North-East Pictures produced a movie in 2002 about Minnijean Brown and her struggles with the Little Rock events called Journey to Little Rock: The Untold Story of Minnijean Brown Trickey (Minnijean, 2011).

Carlotta Walls

Carlotta Walls was the youngest of the Little Rock Nine, born in Little Rock on December 18, 1942.  Carlotta Walls attended Dunbar Junior High School before going to Little Rock Central High School.  She enrolled to Michigan State University for two years, but her father was unable to find work because of the scandal involving his daughter so they moved to Denver, Colorado (Carlotta, 2011), while in Denver Carlotta attended Colorado State College.  She founded a real estate brokerage company called LaNier and Company (Carlotta, 2011).  Carlotta Walls was a member of NAACP, Urban League, and is currently the president of the Little Rock Nine Foundation (Carlotta, 2011).  In 2000 she was named “Woman of Distinction” by the girl scouts and in 2004 she was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Colorado Women (Carlotta, 2011).

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