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At Sundance with Leslie Lee’s THE RABBIT FOOT circa 1985.                                                     R.I.P. Willie Woods, Frances Foster, and Leslie Lee. —                                                                                                                     with Barbara Montgomery and Elain Graham.


The Proposition Theatre Company, Atlanta, GA circa 1978. My first theatre company. We were the resident theatre company at the Alliance Studio Theatre at the Memorial Arts Center. (Yes, I am 5th from the right, back row.) This was from my play ‘Olio!‘ with music by Scott Joplin and the poetry of Paul Lawrence Dunbar. — with Sandra Dunson franks, Cynthia Watts, Faye Adams-Taylor, Iris Little-Thomas, Andrea Whatley house, Rodney K. Adams, Akbar Imhotep, Wayner Crowder, Rebecca Dashiell-Mitchell and Veda Kimber Jackson.

Jean Genet’s The Blacks. The cast included Al Garrison, Vic Love, Walter Dallas (director), and Lizann Mitchell, Proposition Theatre, Atlanta, GA, (1979)

With actors, Elain Graham, Tommy Redmon Hicks, and Iris Little-Thomas cast of Samm Art-Williams’ “Home,” which I directed for the Philadelphia Drama Guild, 1987. Photo courtesy of Barbara Silzle.

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