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PHOTOGRAPHY by Walter Dallas 


“Walter captures the essence of simplicity and necessity in the subtle beauty of everyday life, hidden to most observers. The images are the reflection of the man. Quiet Eloquence.”
–  Allen Henderson


Coco Beach, Accra-Nungua, Ghana.

Hillside School,
Nima-Accra, Ghana, 2009
Photo by Walter Dallas

My beautiful Ghanaian school children. 

Ghanaian schoolgirls, Nima-Accra.
Photo by Walter Dallas

Ghanaian sunset at Labadi Beach, Accra. Photo by Walter Dallas.

Hadi Badayele Koromi, my Ghanaian son, an actor and a brilliant teacher shares knowledge and wisdom with a younger generation of girls in Accra

West African teen musician plays Miles-like, standing knee-deep in the Atlantic ocean off the Ghana coast.
Photo by Walter Dallas — with Fredrick Opuluu Mare Acquahson.

Dancers and drummers, Traditional Naming Ceremony, Teshie-Accra, Ghana At Morrison’s Compound, July 2012 Photo by Walter Dallas

Lead singer, Traditional Naming Ceremony, Teshie-Accra, Ghana
At Morrison’s Compound, 2012
Photo by Walter Dallas

A dramatic moment in “Mirror,” one of the four short plays (two dramas and two comedies) that were written and performed to welcome me to Ghana this summer. I was honored and so impressed by the talent, the creativity, and the commitment of Hadi Mohammed Abdallah (pictured) and his cast and crew. The performance was at Hillside School in Nima-Accra where Hadi teaches; the school I “adopted” six years ago that so many of you have helped me support by sending books, toys, and school supplies. The cast and technical crew of Hadi’s talented group of young adults were really good and impressively talented. August 2014.
Photo by Walter Dallas.


Banana Seller Oxford Street, Osu-Accra, Ghana July 2009 Photo by Walter Dallas


On photo safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Photo by Walter Dallas (2009)


Teachers and students of Anani Memorial International School in Nima, Accra, Ghana. 2013. Instruction is in English and French. In a word, an amazing school! To my right is the Principal, Kofi Anane. To his right, a music specialist from Germany, and to his right, the French teacher from Togo. Standing behind me, in blue shirt at the back is my son, Hadi who is on faculty.

Samuel Addo Danquah and a few members of the World Talents and Youth Network for which I serve as Global Consult, Accra, Ghana

Hadi with his dedicated, volunteer staff. GHANA

“Thank you. The first and most powerful thing about Africa that I noticed during my first visit in 1975 stays with me: the eyes, the windows into the African soul! Even today, the eyes are the focal point of most of my photography, especially photos of Africans.”



Part of our back yard...”

Fall leaves on a rainy day, 2014
Silver Spring, Maryland
Photo by Walter Dallas

Still exploring Nikon…

I’m really just beginning to explore the joy and power and humor and menace and love and power and the trembling delicate sensual and passionate intimacy of photography, but I don’t think photos tell stories. I think photos simply capture the deeply personal stories that are already there trembling, shimmering, waiting to be passionately acknowledged, embraced, squared off with or surrendered to. Later, the same photographs inevitably hold your heart and feet to the fire of truth even after the moment of truth has long passed. For that one moment, the moment you even glimpse that old photo, immortality is possible and the heart, in truth, skips a beat. The truth of memory will always fade to support your agenda, but photos are forever true. A “serious shot” is that only because there was a serious coming together of several truths being realized, rhythmically shared, expressed, and captured at the same climactic moment.

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Dale Ricardo Shields is a 2017 winner of The Kennedy Center/Stephen Sondheim Inspirational Teacher Award®, 2017 and 2015 Tony® award nominee for the Excellence in Theatre Education Award, the 2017 AUDELCO/"VIV" Special Achievement Award, 2020, 2021, and 2022 ENCORE AWARD / The Actors Fund and winner of the 2022.

Recently, he won the 2022 Legend Award from his alma mater Ohio University.

He is the 2021 winner of the Paul Robeson Award, presented (jointly) by the Actors Equity Association and the Actors Equity Foundation.

Research Accomplishments:
His extensive professional credits as a Director, Stage manager, and Actor (Broadway, Off-Broadway, Off-Off-Broadway, and Regional) As an actor he has appeared on Saturday Night Live, Another World, Guiding Light, The Cosby Show, and the ITV television series "Special Needs" and commercials and film.

Professor Shields is a member of the Actors Equity Association, Screen Actors Guild, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and the American Guild of Musical Artists performance unions and an associate member of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers.

He began his artistic academic career in New York City at Playwrights Horizon, The South Bronx Action Theatre, and Mind Builders, and then was invited to join the teaching staff at the Joseph Papp Public Theatre (New York Shakespeare Festival). He represented the United States for Theatre Young Audiences at the ASSITEJ Theatre Festival in London, England.

He has been a Professor and Visiting Artist at Ohio University, The College of Wooster, Denison University, Macalester College, Randolph- Macon College, Susquehanna University, and SUNY Potsdam.

He holds B.F.A and M.F.A, Degrees from Ohio University.

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