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PHOTOGRAPHY by Walter Dallas 

Coco Beach, Accra-Nungua, Ghana.

Hillside School,
Nima-Accra, Ghana, 2009
Photo by Walter Dallas


My beautiful Ghanaian school children. 

Ghanaian schoolgirls, Nima-Accra.
Photo by Walter Dallas

Ghanaian sunset at Labadi Beach, Accra. Photo by Walter Dallas.

Hadi Badayele Koromi, my Ghanaian son, an actor and a brilliant teacher, shares knowledge and wisdom with a younger generation of girls in Accra

West African teen musician plays Miles-like, standing knee-deep in the Atlantic ocean off the Ghana coast.
Photo by Walter Dallas — with Fredrick Opuluu Mare Acquahson.

Dancers and drummers, Traditional Naming Ceremony, Teshie-Accra, Ghana At Morrison’s Compound, July 2012 Photo by Walter Dallas

Lead singer, Traditional Naming Ceremony, Teshie-Accra, Ghana
At Morrison’s Compound, 2012
Photo by Walter Dallas

A dramatic moment in “Mirror,” one of the four short plays (two dramas and two comedies) that were written and performed to welcome me to Ghana this summer. I was honored and so impressed by the talent, the creativity and the commitment of Hadi Mohammed Abdallah (pictured) and his cast and crew. The performance was at Hillside School in Nima-Accra where Hadi teaches; the school I “adopted” six years ago that so many of you have helped me support by sending books, toys, and school supplies. The cast and technical crew of Hadi’s talented group of young adults were really good and impressively talented. August 2014.
Photo by Walter Dallas.

Banana Seller Oxford Street, Osu-Accra, Ghana July 2009 Photo by Walter Dallas

On photo safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Photo by Walter Dallas (2009)

Fall leaves on a rainy day, 2014
Silver Spring, Maryland
Photo by Walter Dallas

Part of our back yard...”

Still exploring Nikon…

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