Jonelle Allen

Palmerstown U.S.A

Allen wasn’t as fortunate as a series regular. Palmerstown, created by Alex Haley, was canceled after only a few months on CBS during two different seasons. Berrenger’s lasted only three months on NBC and ABC’s After Midnight, directed by Tony Richardson and featuring John Goodman and Gary Cole along with Allen, survived just its pilot episode.

Palmerstown, U.S.A.,’ Golden Oak Ranch, Newhall, California, dated December 1, 1979. Standing from left, Janice St. John (as Coralee Hall), Beeson Carroll (as W.D. Hall), Jonelle Allen (as Bessie Freeman), Bill Duke (as Luther Freeman), Star-Shemah Bobatoon (as Diana Freeman). On cart in back from left is Brian Godfrey Wilson (as David Hall), Jermain Hodge Johnson (as Booker T. Freeman). Kneeling in front is Michael J. Fox (as Willy-Joe Hall). (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

Palmerstown, U.S.A.,’ Golden Oak Ranch, Newhall, California, March 1980. From left, Michael J. Fox, Janice St. John, Beeson Carroll, Brian Godfrey Wilson, Jermain Hodge Johnson, Jonelle Allen, Bill Duke, and Star-Shemah Bobatoon. (Photo by CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)


Berrenger’s (1985) The cast included Jonelle Allen as Stacey Russell.

Stacey Russell … Jonelle Allen
Laurel Hayes … Laura Ashton
Melody Hughes … Claudia Christian
John Higgins … Jeff Conaway
Max Kaufman … Alan Feinstein
Todd Hughes … Art Hindle
Cammie Springer … Leslie Hope
Gloria Berrenger … Andrea Marcovicci
Shane Bradley … Yvette Mimieux
Barbara “Babs” Berrenger … Anita Morris
Paul Berrenger … Ben Murphy
Rinaldi … Cesar Romero
Danny Krucek … Jack Scalia
Billy Berrenger … Robin Strand
Julio Morales … Eddie Velez
Simon Berrenger … Sam Wanamaker