Jonelle Allen



Perched in a tiny dollhouse of a house in the hills above Laguna Beach for the last decade, Allen is the mistress to two cats and two dogs.

Allen works out three hours a day, seven days a week on a half dozen machines at one of the four gyms that she is a member of. (Jonelle Allen a longtime resident of Laguna Beach had the fright of her life recently when the area was hit by a landslide that literally sent homes crashing down the cliff)

Jonelle has just finished writing her first cookbook, based on her grandmother’s recipes. In development are two movies-of-the-week and a weekly talk show.  She most recently appeared at The Edinburg Festival in Scotland where she performed her one-woman show, which she wrote, about Florence Mills (the first African-American musical comedy star of the 20th century). 



I Enjoy Being A Nun! lol