Jonelle Allen

Walter Winchell trying to tempt me with candy
(Boy, that would not work today!)

“New York gossip columnist and TV variety show host Walter Winchell invited the pin-size hoofer to join Sammy Davis Jr. in a take-off of the Shirley Temple/Bill “Bojangles” Robinson tap dance routines in “The Little Colonel.”  

Me as Shirley Temple to Sammy Davis Jr’s Bill “ Bojangles” Robinson On The Walter Winchell TV Variety Show 

Sammy Davis Jr hugging me, Cholly Atkins, and my Auntie Bea rehearsing The Walter Winchell, TV variety show.

In rehearsal with the Will Mastin Trio


Me onstage on Broadway with Leo Genn, Jan Sterling in an unfinished Robert E Sherwood play “SMALL WAR ON MURRAY HILL” Directed by Garson Kanin (me wearing my Irene Sharaff costume.)


High School
Good Lord!