Jonelle Allen

Foster and Laurie 


Perry King, Talia Shire, Dorian Harewood & Jonelle Allen in Foster and Laurie (November 13, 1975 TV Movie, CBS)

Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman


Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman (1993-1998) as Grace

Townfolks in Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Back row: Rev. Tim Johnson, Jake Slicker, Loren Bray, Dorothy Jennings, and Cloud Dancing. Third row: Robert E., Hank Lawson, Preston Lodge, Horace Bing, and Daniel Simon. Second row: Teresa Morales, Grace, Brian Cooper, Colleen Cooper Cook, Andrew Cook, and Matthew Cooper. Front row: Dr. Michaela Quinn Sully and Byron Sully holding the girls that play Katie Sully (Megan, MacKenzie, and Alexandria Calabrese).


Jonelle Allen and Henry G. Sanders.

Jonelle Allen appeared on Mike & Maty and discussed the fact that DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN is historically correct, not politically correct.