The Scottsboro Boys

Ray Charles Robinson-born September 23, 1930 in Albany, Georgia; died June 10, 2004

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Ray Charles

Doris Roberts-born November 4, 1930 in St. Louis, Missouri

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Where: Alabama

What: The Scottsboro Trials

Event Starter:

On the day of March 25, 1931 several different people had hoboed, a train; the Southern Railroad’s Chattanooga Freight train to Memphis, Tennessee. The events that would take place on this train would forever change the lives of nine black boys, and two white girls. The group of boys would get in a fight with a smaller number of white boys, who had actually started the fierce interaction, as they crossed into Alabama from Georgia. The white boys would be kicked off by the black boys the train as it was gradually picking up speed, to later go to the stationmaster and tell what had happened on the train; one white boy was pulled back on the train by one of the black boys, as the train was going too fast and would have killed him if he had fallen from it. The stationmaster, wired ahead and had the train stopped by a posse, body of armed men, in Paint Rock, Alabama. The boys would be tied up and taken to jail; while Victoria Price and Ruby Bates, Huntsville millworkers, would tell one of the posse members that they had been raped by the nine black boys, to try to keep from being caught for prostitution. The nine would be locked up in a jail in Scottsboro, Alabama, which would be how they garnered their name “The Scottsboro Boys.”


Scottsboro Boys:

  Olen Montgomery-age 17






  Clarence Norris-age 19






  Haywood Patterson-age 18






 Ozie Powell-age 16






  Willie Roberson-age 16






  Charlie Weems- age 16






  Eugene Williams- age 13






  Andy Wright- age 19







Roy Wright- age 12-13






Two White Girls:

  Victoria Price- age 21






  Ruby Bates- age 17