The Scottsboro Boys


May 7: March on Washington D.C. to protest the Scottsboro Trials

January: A New York Lawyer Samuel S. Leibowitz is called in by ILD to handle the case

  • story of Victoria Price and Dr. R. Bridges
  • in one of the later Leibowitz was able to prove that the girls showed no physical trauma of being raped
  • Afraid of being arrested for violation of Mann Act crossing state lines for immoral purposes
  • Kelby Prison account inmate being put in death chair, Moved to Decatur Scary Prison “unfit for white prisoner”


February 15: Leibowitz argues to the U.S. Supreme Court that black citizens were excluded from the jury.

April 1: U.S. Supreme Court finds that under the 14 Amendment that excluding blacks form the jury violates equal protection under the law; the Norris and Patterson cases are overturned.


January 23: Haywood Patterson convicted for the fourth time of rape, but instead of getting the death penalty he is given 75 years; this is the first time the History of Alabama that a black person has not been given death penalty for rape of a white women.

January 24: Ozie Powell attacks police, while being transported, is shot in the head, but lives; mentality challenged for the rest of his life.


July: Clarence Norris convicted of rape, sentenced to death; Andy Wright convicted, sentenced to 99 years; Charlie Weems convicted, sentenced to 75 years; Ozie Powell pleads guilty to assaulting Sheriff Edgar Blalock, sentenced to 20 years; Roy Wright and Eugene charges dropped because of age at time of crime, and years already served in prison; Olen Montgomery and Willie Roberson charges dropped because the state no longer sees them as guilty

October 26: Patterson and Norris conviction are refused to be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court


August-November: Four remaining boys are not paroled by Governor Grieves because they upset him


 September: Charlie Weems is paroled


January: Norris and Andy Wright paroled

October: Norris Returned to Prison


June: Ozie Powell paroled


July: Haywood Patterson makes a prison break


Haywood Patterson is involved in a barroom fight ending with the death of another man, he is charged for murder.

Patterson in convicted of manslaughter and is sentenced to 6 to 15 years, but he dies of cancer almost a year later.